Thursday July 29, 2021

Borko Furht

Chairman and Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Senior Asst. Vice President for Engineering and Technology
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida 33431
Phone: (561)294-3486, Fax: (561)297-2800, Email: borko@cse.fau.edu

Dr. Furht has over twenty five years of academic and industry experience in the field computer science and engineering. He is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Senior Assistant Vice President for Engineering and Technology at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton, Florida. He has been a principal investigator of a number of large projects funded by various government agencies such as NSF, ONR, NASA, and from industrial corporations, including IBM, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, and others. He is an author of more than 250 technical and scientific publications, including 27 books.

Fields of specialization:

Multimedia Systems, Multimedia Networking and Communications, Multimedia Compression and Coding, Video Processing, Video Over the Internet, Multimedia Security, Wireless Multimedia, Internet Engineering

Professional Preparation:

  • Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1978.
  • M.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1973.
  • BSEE (Dipl.Eng.) Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1970.


  • 1992–present, Chairman (since 2002) and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
    Senior Assistant Vice President for Engineering and Technology
    Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.
  • 1988–1992, Senior Director of Advanced Development & Vice-President of Research
    Modular Computer Systems (MODCOMP), Computer Division of Daimler Benz (Germany), Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • 1982–1988, Associate Professor (since 1984) of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida
  • 1970–1982, Project Leader and Senior Scientist
    Computer Systems Department, Institute “Boris Kidric”, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Selected Publications (total over 250 publications):

  1. D. Culibrk, O. Marques, D. Socek, H. Kalva, and B. Furht, “Neural Network Approach to Background Modeling for Video Object Segmentation, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks”, September 2007.
  2. P. Sanigepalli, H. Kalva, and B. Furht, “Error Resilient Video Over Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (MBNS), Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications, Special Issue on Wireless Multimedia”, Vol. 28, No. 2, February 2006, pp. 187-202.
  3. B. Furht, Editor-in-Chief, “Encyclopedia of Multimedia,” Springer Science and Business Media, 2006.
  4. E. Muharemagic and B. Furht, “An Innovative Pixel Scoring Method for Watermarking of Binary Document Images,” Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo, Toronto, Canada, July 2006.
  5. H. Kalva, L. Christodoulou, L. Mayron, O. Marques, and B. Furht, “Challenges and Opportunities in Video Coding for 3D TV,” Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo, Toronto, Canada, July 2006.
  6. H. Kalva and B. Furht, “Complexity Estimation of the H.264 Coded Video Bitstreams,” The Computer Journal, Oxford University Press, June 2005.
  7. B. Petljanski, H. Kalva, and B. Furht, “Complexity Reduction Tools for MPEG-2 to H.264 Video Transcoding,” WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, Vol. 2, Issue 3, March 2005, pp. 295-300.
  8. B. Furht and D. Kirovski, “Multimedia Security Handbook,” CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, 2005.
  9. B. Furht and O. Marques, “Handbook of Video Databases,” CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2003.
  10. B. Furht, K. Gustafson, H. Huang, and O. Marques, “An Adaptive Three-Dimensional DCT Compression Based on Motion Analysis”, Proc. ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, March 2003.



  • Increased the Department’s sponsored research from $800,000 in 2002 to $2+ millions (in 2006-07).
  • Increased the participation of the CSE faculty in sponsored research by providing leadership and motivation, from 6 faculty in 2002 to 18 faculty in 2007.
  • Initiated and/or led several large department, university, and inter-university research projects.

Research (total over $7M of sponsored research)

  • NSF PIRE Grant, Global Living Laboratory for Cyber-infrastructure Application Enablement, Co-PI, ($2.3M), 2007-2012.
  • Federal Earmark Grant on “Center for Coastline Security”, Total $6 millions for 3 years, Co-Principal Investigator for the Project on Video and Image Processing Techniques for Coastline Security ($620,000), 2004-2007.
  • Motorola Corporation, “One Pass to Production,” PI and Co-PI, ($250,000 per year, total $1.2 M) 2003-2007.
  • “High Performance Computer Equipment Grant,” National Science Foundation, Co-PI, ($455,000), 2005-2007.


  • Established a strong Industry Advisory Board consisting of 25+ executives from local hi gh-tech companies (2002-present) with major objectives to advise the Department on educational and research issues, assist in curriculum development and improvement, and help to identify areas of opportunity for education and research.
  • Established the Industry Affiliates Program (2002-present) with a goal to provide an effective partnership between the CSE Department and members of the IT industry. Received mor e than $200,000 in industry memberships from companies such as Motorola, Citrix, LexisNexis, Avocent, and M2sys.


  • Conference and program chair for several international IEEE and ACM conferences.
  • Editor in Chief of Springer’s Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications (1994-p resent).
  • Served on Board of Directors of several high-tech companies.
  • Principal consultant for many high-tech companies including IBM, Cisco, General Electric, Samsung, Xerox, HP, NASA, Honeywell, Cordis, RCA, and others.


  • Led the creation of several new programs at FAU: (a) Professional weekend Master Program in Computer Science, (b) Bachelor of Information Engineering Technology, (c) Master of Information Technology and Management.

"PIRE... provides our students with the kind of direct international experience and training that will prepare them for careers in an increasingly competitive global arena."
Dr. Modesto Maidique
President Emeritus, Florida International University

"PIRE...will enable the next generation of students participants to become fully engaged as members of the globally-aware IT workforce.""
Dr. Nicholas Bowen
Vice President of Strategy and Worldwide Operations, IBM Research

"We look forward to hosting students researchers ... to foster our existing collaborations and create new ones."
Mateo Valero Cortés
Director, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

"I was able to develop quite a bit as a person, researcher, and professional."
Marlon Bright,
FIU student

"Being able to learn elements directly related to my project, the likes and dislikes of another culture, and be able to communicate in a different language are all aspects related to the PIRE program for which I will always be grateful."
Simone Pasmore,
FAU student

"It helps you build confidence that the degree you hold will enable you to tackle any problem, and, more importantly, it lets you experience the job before committing your life to it."
Allison Lanager,
FIU student

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