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Zhihui Du

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Technology. Tsinghua University, 100084.
Beijing, P.R.China.
Office Phone:(8610)62782530 Fax:(8610)62771138
Home Page: http://hpclab.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn/~duzh/
Zhihui Du

Research Interests:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Grid Computing
  • Parallel Algorithm
  • Task and Message Scheduling
  • MPI Programming
  • Parallel Applications
  • User Level Communication/Virtual Interface Architecture
  • HPF Compiler
  • Cluster System and Management Software
  • Grid Task Scheduling
  • Grid QoS
  • Grid Information Organization and Discovery
  • Grid Applications

Working Experience

  • 2001/8-now , Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua Univ.
  • 2000/5-2001/7, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua Univ.
  • 1998/9-2000/4, Postdoctor, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua Univ.

Teaching Experience

Courses for Graduate Students:
2003-now, Grid Computing
2002-now, Parallel Programming Technology in Computational Science and Engineering
Courses for Undergraduate Students:
2004-now, Network Programming and Computing Technology
2001-2002, Subject on Information Technology Application

Research Contributions

  • In Distributed and Parallel Computing field, my contributions cover one book, 10 projects and 30 papers from 1992 to now.
  • In Grid Computing field, my contributions cover two books, 8 projects and 20 papers from 2000 to now.


1995.9-1998.7 Ph.D. in Computer Science and Technology, Peking University

  • Dissertation: Design and Development of an HPF(High Performance Fortran) Compiler System, collaborating with NPAC of Syracuse University and Harbin Institute of Technology
    1992.9-1995.7 M.S. in Computer Science and Technology, Peking University
  • Thesis: Earthquake Prediction Visualization Algorithm and Tool, collaborating with Chinese Earthquake Bureau
    1988.9-1992.7 B.S. in Computer Science and Technology, Tianjin University
  • Thesis: Automatic translation from Chinese To English in an MRP II system

Honors and Awards

First Level Technology Advance Award of ShenZhen City.Rank(2), 2004
First Level Technology Advance Award of Shanghai City, Rank(3), 2001
Tsinghhua.s Friend--Excellent Teacher Award, Rank(1), 2001
Second Level Technology Advance Award of Ministry of Education, Rank(4), 2000

Projects and Grants

High Performance Computing Related Projects and Grants

  1. National Nature Science Foundation of China Project. “Nodes Clustering based Hierarchical Message Scheduling Model and Algorithm”, 2008.1-2008.12, Grant No. 60773148. Project Director
  2. Beijing Natural Sciences Foundation. Research on Building Giganet/SAN Hardware and Software System, 2004.1-2006.12,Grant No.4042018. Project Director
  3. HDJK-32 High Performance Cluster System, Built for HeBei University. 2003.10-2004.7. Project Director
  4. Tsinghua University Information School Foundation. Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithm Research, 1999.10-2002.9. Project Director
  5. HuaWei Company Sci&Tech Foundation. SAN High Speed Interconnection Communication. 2002.2-2002.10. Project Director
  6. DeepSuper-21C Teraflops Supercomputer System, Built for ShenZhen University. 2002.1-2004.6. Principal Investor.
  7. Project from Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. Ziqiang 2000 High Performance Cluster System SUHPCS.1999.8-2000.9. Principal Investor
  8. National Climbing Plan B. Network Parallel Supercomputer System THNPSC-1. 1998.9-1999.4 Principal Investor
  9. National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of China. HPF Compilation System. 1996.8-1998.6. Principal Investor

Grid Computing Related Projects and Grants

  1. National Nature Science Foundation of China Project. “HXMT Science Ground Segment Prototype”, 2007.1-2009.12, Grant No. 10778604. Principal Investor.
  2. National Nature Science Foundation of China. Contractor based Mechanism and Model to Support Grid Service QoS, 2006.1-2008.12 Grant No. 60503039, Project Director.
  3. National Fundamental Research 973 Program “Fundamental Research on Improving the Reliability of Large Electric Power Grid”, Subproject “Research on the Distributed Computing Theory and Method of Large Electric Power Grid” (2004.9-2009.9), Partner.
  4. European Commission (EC) Asia-Link Programme. EA-Grid: Euro-Asia United Establishment of Double Degree Master Programme in Grid Computing, 2005.12 -2006.12,Partner.
  5. National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of China, Simulation Application Grid .2005.1-2005.12, Grant No. 2004AA104330. Vice Project Director.
  6. IBM foundation. EzGrid:Research on Key Technology of Automatic Computing Grid. 2002.9-2003.12. Project Director
  7. Tsinghua University Basic Research Foundation. Grid Computing Model Research Based on Mini Grid System. 2001.11-2003.10. Project Director
  8. Key Project from Ministry of Education of China. Pilot Project of Advanced Computational Infrastructure Between Beijing and Shanghai. 2000.8-2001.6. Principal Investor


  1. Zhihui Du, et al. Grid Computing: Making the Global Infrastructure a Reality. By Francine Berman, Geoffrey C. Fox, Tony Hey. Wiley. Translating into Chinese. Publication of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. ISBN7-5609-3392-0 2005.6.
  2. Zhihui Du, Yu Chen, Peng Liu,Grid Computing,Tsinghua University Publication,ISBN 7-302-05939-X, 2002.10. In Chinese
  3. Zhihui Du, MPI Parallel Programming, Tsinghua University Publication,ISBN: 7-302-04566-6, 2001.8. In Chinese
  4. Zhihui Du(chief editor), Peng Liu and Yu Chen (associated chief editor), Practical Programming in XML,Tsinghua University Publication,2002.12. ISBN:7-900643-85-0. In Chinese
  5. Zhihui Du(chief editor), Peng Liu and Yu Chen (associated chief editor), Practical Programming in JSP,Tsinghua University Publication,ISBN:7-900643-51-6, 2002.9. In Chinese
  6. Zhihui Du(chief editor), Peng Liu and Yu Chen (associated chief editor), Practical Programming in Java 3D,Tsinghua University Publication,ISBN:7-900643-65-6, 2002.11. In Chinese

Selected Papers
High Performance Computing Related Papers

  1. Zhihui Du, Huan Wang, Feng Yang, Sanli Li. Pattern Based Parallel Model to Decide Suitable-Grained Parallelism for Cluster Computing. Proceedings of the Joint DCABES and ICPACE. August 2005.CMS Press, University of Greenwich, UK. Pages:191-194.
  2. Yang, Feng; Du, Zhihui; Tang, Ruichun. Design of a virtual interface architecture based on IA-64. Journal of Tsinghua University. Vol 46. No. 4. Pages:576-579. In Chinese.
  3. Zhihui Du. GSAD Algorithm for Cluster System. Journal of Tsinghua University, Vol. 43, No.4, Pages:487-490,2003, In Chinese
  4. Feng Yang, Zhihui Du, Ziyu Zhu and Runchun Tang. Analysis of an IA-64 Based High Performance VIA Implementation. Current Trends in High Performance Computing and Its Applications. Proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance Computing and Applications, August 8-10, 2004, Shanghai, P.R. China. Springer. Pages:563-569 
  5. Zhihui Du, Gang Wang, Peng Liu, Yu Chen, Sanli Li, Baicheng Liu.Parallel Search Algorithm based on Cluster system - A quick method to resolve large discrete partial differential equations. Mini-Micro System, Vol.24, No.1, Pages:1-4. In Chinese.
  6. Zhihui Du, Yu Chen, Ziyu Zhu, Haofei Liu, Chao Xie, Sanli Li. LogP Analysis of User Level Network Cluster System. 2002 International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering and Science. Wuhan University of Technology Press, Pages:280-285
  7. Zhihui Du, Liantao Mai, Ziyu Zhu, Haofei Liu, Sanli Li. Overcoming the Cluster Communication Performance Bottleneck by Software. Mini-Micro System. Vol. 23, No.1, Jan. 2002. Pages:32-35, In Chinese.
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Grid Computing Related Papers

  1. Zhihui Du, Yinong Chen, Lei Wu, Suihui Zhu. Automatically Building Service Evaluation Metadata in a Grid Environment. The 2006 International workshop on Collaborative Computing, Integration, and Assurance. Gyeongju, Korea. April 27-28, 2006 Page(s):225 – 230
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  5. Weihua Zhu, Zhihui Du, and Suihui Zhu. Dynamic Service Composition Based on Peer-to-Peer Network. Second IEEE International Symposium on Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE 2006), Shanghai, China. 25-26 October 2006. Pages:205-209
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